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Strategies for improving performance

Let’s face it. It’s hard to perform and deliver under pressure.

Our plans and preparation often don’t go according to plan. Our desire to succeed combined with the effort and sacrifice invested can create pressure. Instead of just doing what we’ve been preparing to do, our mind gets in the way. We lose confidence and composure. We wrestle with self-doubt when we should be focussing on our strengths.

Successful performance requires more than just your physical attributes, skillset, knowledge, and equipment. Whether you’re a career professional, athlete, or artist – we can help you to execute your performance in a consistent and confident manner.

What we offer

Performance Coaching

Whether you’re a career professional, musician, artist, entrepreneur, or simply seeking to elevate your personal achievements – unlock your peak potential with our tailored performance coaching services.

Mentoring, supervision, and tutoring

We offer psychologically-informed career mentoring; supervision for psychologists, and; tutoring for psychology students.

Sport Psychology

Whether you’re a competitive athlete striving for excellence, or a team seeking to enhance cohesion and performance, our evidence-based techniques and personalised approach will elevate your mental game and improve your performance.

Workshops and training

Designed for teams and organisations across various fields, embark on a journey of continuous growth and professional development with our enriching workshops, CPD courses, and talks.

Content creation

Elevate your content and captivate your audience with our evidence-based content creation services. We blend scientific insights with creative prowess to achieve impactful written, audio-visual and social forms of media.

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Why choose us?


We get it: we are performers ourselves.


We are credentialed experts: Qualified, insured and regulated psychologists and doctoral-level scientists with peer-reviewed publications.


Experienced track record: we’ve helped over 100 individuals, teams, and organisations to improve their performance and achieve at the highest levels.


Our services are evidence-based: no ‘sage on the stage’ or fluffy life coaching. Scientific expertise only for deep impact.


Holistic approach to performance: We ensure optimal growth by supporting your mental, physical, and emotional health as the foundation for performance.


Relatable and reliable: We are ‘people-people’. We prioritise building warm and trusting client relationships above all else.

What our clients say

I’ve worked with Chris this year after a head injury knocked me back a step in my performance. After working with Chris I can confidently say I’m not the rider I was before but I’m better, I can deal with the stresses and difficult situations the sport throws at you using different techniques I’ve learnt in Chris’ sessions which are simple and effective but most importantly relevant to my sport.

Liam Clement, Enduro Mountain Biker Racer
Chris provided several expert commentary pieces for our sports insurance product, Insure4Sport. He was professional and easy to work with, and the content we received was on time and of very high quality. It has since allowed us to secure positive press coverage across a wide range of media titles, all of which were keen to publish Chris’ high level of insight as part of their stories. I would be more than happy to work with Chris again in future.

Ripe Thinking
Working with Chris has developed me, not only as an athlete but as a person. I suffer with performance anxiety and prior to reaching out to Chris it was having a severe impact on not only my performance on the bike, but on my life away from the bike. After seeking the help that I needed the techniques that we worked on have helped me massively in developing my own skills about being able to adapt to situations in a better fashion, so not to be overwhelmed on race days. Without the help of Chris I wouldn’t be able to perform to the level which I know I can.

David Blyth, Track Sprint Cyclist
Chris provided the psychological training that I needed to succeed in a new role that I was head hunted for in a big law firm. Chris’s practical and scientific approach really worked for me, and I found his techniques incredibly helpful inside and outside work. Chris will help you perform at your best!

William Clarke, Patent Attorney
I found Dr Hartley to be a highly professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and effective clinician, who put me at ease from the outset. I felt completely comfortable discussing aspects of my mental health that I was struggling with and which in turn were affecting both my day to day life and my performance in elite sport and I found that his approach was methodical, effective and very well communicated. The issues I was struggling with were not purely sports performance related; he also helped me with other aspects, including considering the impact of and on my job as a doctor and of key potentially important contributing factors in my present and past.
Dr Victoria Smith, Junior Doctor and Cyclist (Alba Development Road Team)

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