Performance Coaching

For anyone who has to perform in their work

Performance coaching is best suited for people who are experiencing a particular challenge or barrier (e.g., performance anxiety, movement blocks, intrusive thoughts, fear of failure and public speaking, self-doubt, etc.). This might be because there is pressure to perform, because your performance is regularly evaluated, or because failure has serious consequences. We have worked with a range of clientele, including but not limited to medical doctors, musicians, dancers, teachers, lawyers, students preparing for assessment, and talent-hunted professionals.

Career professionals

To succeed in your career, you need to be prepared to perform. You need to be calm under pressure, be ready to solve complex problems, make quick decisions, implement key skills, and manage other people. We can give you strategies to do all of the above in a confident and sustainable manner.

Performing artists

Your craft requires you to perform in front of other people. For some, your livelihood depends on your ability to express yourself and deliver an awesome performance – whether that’s on the stage, in the studio, or in a classroom. We can give you strategies to achieve this and stop your mind getting in the way.

Personal development

Maybe you are preparing for a public speaking engagement, trying to be more confident, or challenging yourself to try something new and scary. We can give you easy-to-implement strategies and techniques to help you rise to the challenge.

How it works

We take a personable and human approach to develop a support programme that fits your needs. There is no set structure. We will usually arrange to meet – either virtually or in-person – and get to know you, your context, and the demands of your performance. This might just involve discussion, or a more in-depth analysis of your previous performances and data. Using an evidence-based performance psychology framework, we will then formulate the problem you are facing and identify solutions to help you succeed. At minimum, we will help you to achieve 3 things:

  1. Understand what is causing the problem and teach you about how your mind works under pressure.
  2. Identify short- and long-term solutions that will have deep, positive impacts on your performance.
  3. Acquire new skills, strategies and techniques to address the problem.

We work to your needs: some clients often achieve what they are looking for within the recommended minimum number of sessions – while others use our services on a more irregular basis whenever they encounter new challenges they need support with.

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Sessions are tailored to your needs, and as such prices will vary depending on the nature of the service. However, we usually recommend completing a block of at least 6 sessions (which we offer at reduced fees) in order to see beneficial changes.

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