Sport Psychology

Sport psychology is an evidence-based support service that has been used for decades to enhance performance. Chances are that you will benefit from sport psychology if you, or your team:

  • Are dealing with a specific issue or barrier
  • Compete and perform on a regular basis
  • Would like to enhance your skillset and deliver better performances
  • Are feeling lost or unconfident in how to navigate challenging situations

How it works

Sport psychologists are scientists and skilled practitioners who can support the mental health and performance of athletes, teams, and coaches. They also work with parents of athletes and teams of support staff. We tailor all sport psychology sessions to your needs and context – there is no set structure. Using credible, science-informed techniques and frameworks, we create personalised development plans to help you and your team succeed. We offer a range of different services to different people, for example:

  1. Athletes: we can help you respond effectively to intrusive thoughts and feelings, and implement actions that have deep, positive impacts on your performance.
  2. Teams: we can profile the personalities and needs of your team, help you to form a clear identity, achieve cohesion, and communicate effectively.
  3. Coaches: we can help you to perform more effectively as a coach. We can also teach you about how the mind works, and how to develop athletes’ mental skills through effective, psychologically-informed coaching.
  4. Parents: As a high-performance parent, you play a key role in supporting the happiness, development, and performance of your child-athlete. We can help you to provide more effective and psychologically-informed parental support that will have a positive impact on their child’s wellbeing and performance.
  5. Support teams: if you and your team play a key role in developing and supporting athletes, we can help you to function more effectively in your role/s and, in turn, to support your athletes better.


Sessions are tailored to your needs, and as such prices will vary depending on the nature of the services required. However, we usually recommend completing a block of at least 6 sessions in order to see beneficial changes, for which we offer a reduced rate. Some clients often achieve what they are looking for within the recommended minimum number of sessions – while others use our services on a more irregular basis whenever they encounter new challenges they need support with

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