Workshops and training

We offer workshops, CPD training, and talks on a range of performance psychology topics to benefit your team, club, school, or organisation. We have a range of ready-to-deliver workshops on commonly occurring topics. We can also create bespoke material to meet to the needs of your team.

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Formal education and CPD courses

Upskill and develop your knowledge on a range of performance psychology topics with credible and certificated CPD.

  • Psychologically-informed sport coaching
  • High-performance parenting
  • Improving team dynamics, teamwork and communication
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Ready-to-deliver workshops

We offer a range of ready-to-deliver workshops on a range of commonly occurring performance issues.

  • Mastering confident performances
  • Staying present and focussed when it counts
  • Implementing high-performance behaviours
  • The snakes and ladders of motivation
  • Understanding the coexistence of mental health and high performance
  • Understanding stress and performing under pressure
  • Effective communication and teamwork
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Bespoke workshops

We can also tailor our workshops to address the unique needs or issues facing your team.

What clients say

Chris provides excellent individual and group support to our athletes, psychology is now a key part of our support to pathway athletes and we are looking to have sessions for more athletes to take part in. The approach Chris takes is very engaging and he makes things easy to understand.

— Alan Martin, Head of Pathways

Chris has delivered a decompression workshop in our Year 12 Leadership course in the last two years. These sessions massively helped our pupils identify the leadership skills that they already possessed as well as strategies for help them develop these in the future. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the pupils. We hope to develop the leadership capacity of our senior pupils and Chris’ sessions start that process well. We hope to have Chris back in the coming years.

— Darren Tolan, Head of Sixth Form

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