Mentoring, Supervision and Tutoring

Are you a postgraduate trainee (or fully qualified) psychologist who is looking for supervision? Perhaps you are an established professional – a coach, teacher, or leader – and you are looking for career mentoring from credible psychology experts. Or maybe you are a student looking for some additional support and tutoring in your education. See our service options below, or get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation to see what we can do for you.

What we offer

Mentoring for professionals

Being more psychologically-informed in how you approach your work can have considerable benefits for the health, wellbeing, and performance of you and/or your team. As research experts and practicing psychologists, we offer flexible coaching and mentoring arrangements to help you navigate challenges in your career, upskill, and to ultimately develop and be more effective in your work.

Supervision for psychologists

The type of supervision you need will depend on your type and stage of psychology career. it also depends on the type of supervisory expertise you are seeking. We offer the following types of supervision at Flow States:

  • Qualification supervision for postgraduates/trainee psychologists: We supervise trainees towards full accreditation as practitioner psychologists. We currently offer BPS-accredited Stage 2 QSEP Supervision (Qualification in Sport & Exercise Psychology). We hope to offer BASES SEPAR Supervision in the near future (Sport & Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route).
  • Practice supervision for psychologists: Ongoing supervision is a formal requirement in the psychological professions. We offer supervision for fully-qualified practitioner psychologists which can be tailored to meet you (or your team’s) needs.

Tutoring for students

If you are studying psychology and/or sport sciences at school or University (undergraduate or postgraduate), you might benefit from additional tutoring to improve your academic performance and succeed in your studies. At Flow States, we have been educated to doctoral-level, published peer-reviewed research, written textbook chapters, and have worked as university lecturers/associate professors. We also have teaching qualifications. We offer tutoring in the following areas:

  • Psychology
  • Coaching and sport sciences
  • Research Methods: research design, statistics, quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Academic skills: writing skills, effective study habits, project management, learning for exams, and dealing with procrastination

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